October 8, 2023 in Education, News

How Blockchain is Fighting Exam Fraud in Vietnam

Cheating scandals in high school exams have been a persistent issue in Vietnam, with incidents reported in Ha Giang, Son La, Hoa Binh, and other provinces. To address this problem, Dr. Tran Viet Hung, the founder of Got It and a PhD holder in Computer Science from the University of Iowa, USA, proposes blockchain technology as a solution.

Blockchain is a decentralized and secure data processing and storage technology that utilizes complex cryptography to ensure transparency and security. With its properties of immutability, security, and transparency, blockchain technology is well-suited for application in high school exams.

Dr. Viet Hung’s solution involves creating a database of questions, categorized by difficulty and topic, which can be used to generate exam questions. Blockchain codes are assigned to each question, and during the exam process, every step is coded and added to the final code sequence, including exam-taking, document submission, grading, and total score. This ensures that every change is recorded and cannot be deleted, making it impossible to change the exam results.

Moreover, the question bank created through blockchain technology can be used to provide students with a large source of data to analyze, while the difficulty level of the test can be determined based on the percentage of correct answers in the student assessment process. In addition, the use of tokens can incentivize students and teachers to participate in creating a content ecosystem.

Dr. Viet Hung emphasizes that the exam process can still be done on paper without a computer, and the QR code can be scanned by a smartphone for verification. With the use of blockchain technology, the risk of destroying or falsifying test data is eliminated, and full transparency is ensured, enabling anyone to test any process.

In conclusion, blockchain technology can provide transparency and security in high school exams at a low cost and easy implementation. Dr. Viet Hung’s solution has the potential to address the issue of cheating scandals in Vietnam and can pave the way for the adoption of blockchain technology in other sectors.

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